Assistant Stake Clerk

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Assistant Stake Clerk

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Works under the direction of the stake presidency and stake clerk and fulfills responsibilities assigned by the stake president and stake clerk as outlined below:


  • Melchizedek Priesthood ordination certificates
  • Record temple recommend information
  • Prepare Officers Sustained form
  • Design and print boundary models for realignments
  • Oversee transfer of ward records for new wards
  • Record information for stake disciplinary councils
  • Maintain and update stake website
  • Prepare, record and deposit any funds received
  • Make sure financial obligations are paid promptly
  • Prepare annual stake budget
  • Reconcile accounts

Review ward records and reports

  • Ensure membership records are updated and accurate
  • Ensure certificates of blessing, baptism and confirmation, and priesthood ordinations are given to members.
  • Ensure ward’s annual history is kept current and submitted.
  • Provide instruction on record-keeping responsibilities

Knowledgeable of audit procedures and reports

Handle stake historical records

Handbook references

Handbook 1: Chapter 13, section 13.3.2 and 13.3.3

Handbook 1: Chapter 14, section 14.2.2


Stake presidency meeting, Stake PEC, Stake Council, all other meetings as assigned by stake president.

Priesthood leader

Stake President

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