Bishopric Resources


Agent bishop for Stake Center – Bishop Hames (Trophy Club)
Agent bishop for Bonds Ranch – Bishop Lawyer (Haslet)
Bishop’s welfare committee chair – Bishop Rhoades (Heritage)
Scheduling for meetinghouses –

Family History Training

Training instructions (Download)
Training Meeting outline (Download)
Training Presentation (Download)
Find Your Family – Hands-on Workshop (Download)
Workshop Lesson Plan (Download)
Video 1 (Download)
Video 2 (Download)

Missionary Resources

Completing the missionary recommendation (for Bishops) – Download
Completing the missionary recommendation (for candidates and parents) – Download
Missionary Questions (for Bishops, candidates, and parents) – Download

Clerk/Finance Resources

Budgeting for wards – Download
Expenses and reimbursements – Download
Example reimbursement form – Download
LDS Calendar “How-to” – Download
Fundraising guidelines memo – Download
Updating member contact information in Church Directory – Download
Verify your email address for Official Church Communications –
Paperwork for tax-exempt purchases – Download
Obtaining a Certificate of Insurance: Collect required information (Checklist) and then visit

Resources for Interviews

Melchizedek Priesthood interview process – Download
Partriarchal Blessing inteview process – Download

Speaking Assignments

High Council and Stake Patriarch Speaking Assignments – View

2018 Area Plan

Area Plan (Download)