Stake Young Men 2nd Counselor

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Stake Young Men 2nd Counselor

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Assist the stake presidency and instruct and support ward young men presidencies. They do not fulfill assignments that should be fulfilled on the ward or family level. Specific responsibilities of the stake young men’s president include:

  1. Orient newly called ward young men presidencies
  2. Provide ongoing encouragement, support, and instruction for ward young men presidencies and teachers
  3. Meet with ward young men leaders regularly to learn of their needs, discuss the needs of their members they serve, and communicate information from the stake presidency
  4. Periodically visit ward meetings and classes as arranged with ward leaders
  5. Instruct ward young men leaders in the stake auxiliary leadership meetings
  6. Counsel together as a stake young men’s presidency regularly
  7. Meet regularly with a member of the stake presidency and the assigned high councilor assigned to Young Men
  8. Serve on the stake council
  9. Submit recommendations to the stake presidency about members to serve in the stake young men’s organization

Handbook references

Handbook 2: Chapter 15.4.1


Stake Youth Committee Meeting, Aaronic Priesthood Young Women Committee Meeting, Stake Young Men Presidency Meeting

Priesthood leader

Stake President

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