2020 Ward Conference

Stake Assignments
WardDateSacrament Start TimeLocationStake PresidencyHigh CouncilorStake ClerkStake Exec. SecretaryRelief SocietyYoung WomenYoung MenPrimarySunday SchoolYoung Single Adults
Avondale12 Jan 202010:00 amBonds RanchBrannMcKassonHarrington HallTBDTBDEntire presidencyTBDTBDBro & Sis Montgomery
Bonds Ranch19 Jan 202011:30 amBonds RanchPrayZapataHarrington HallTBDTBDEntire presidencyTBDTBDBro & Sis Montgomery
Haslet16 Feb 20208:30 amBonds RanchBrannWarnickHarrington HallTBDTBDEntire presidencyTBDTBDBro & Sis Montgomery
Heritage15 Mar 202012:00 pmWillis LaneSchindlerWarnickHarrington HallTBDTBDEntire presidencyTBDTBDBro & Sis Montgomery
Justin22 Mar 202012:00 pmDecaturBrannAllenHarrington HallTBDTBDEntire presidencyTBDTBDBro & Sis Montgomery
Roanoke19 Apr 20201:00 pmStake CenterPrayJanewayHarrington HallTBDTBDEntire presidencyTBDTBDBro & Sis Montgomery
Saratoga17 May 202010:00 amStake CenterSchindlerWallHarrington HallTBDTBDEntire presidencyTBDTBDBro & Sis Montgomery
Timber Creek13 Sep 20201:00 pmBonds RanchBrannZapataHarrington HallTBDTBDEntire presidencyTBDTBDBro & Sis Montgomery
Trophy Club20 Sep 20208:30 amStake CenterSchindlerRaweHarrington HallTBDTBDEntire presidencyTBDTBDBro & Sis Montgomery
Woodland Springs18 Oct 202011:30 amStake CenterPrayWallHarrington HallTBDTBDEntire presidencyTBDTBDBro & Sis Montgomery



Conference Theme: Search the Commandments (D&C 1:37 and John 5:39). Additional scriptures include 2 Ne 11:2, 2 Ne 25:26, 2 Ne 30:7, 2 Ne 32:3-5, Joshua 24:15, Alma 31:5, Alma 56:48

8:00 amStake Presidency Member meets with Bishopric
8:30 amSacrament Meeting
9:40 amBreak
9:45 amPrimaryAaronic PriesthoodYoung WomenRelief SocietyElders Quorum
10:30 amEnd of conference

Sacrament meeting

Special Musical Prelude number:Provided by Ward
Sustaining of Officers:High Councilor
Speaker:Bishop speaks on topic based on conference theme (15 minutes)
Remaining Time:Turn over to Stake Presidency member after announcing remainder of meeting

Ward Clerk is responsible for preparing the officer sustaining form that is given to the High Councilor prior to Sacrament Meeting. This list can be printed from lds.org under Leader and Clerk Resources | Reports | Officers Sustained. Please review the list for accuracy with the bishopric at least 2 weeks prior to Ward Conference, and if necessary, provide a pronunciation guide.

Breakout sessions (following Sacrament meeting, total time = 45 minutes)

Ward LeaderStake Leader
Ward ClerkStake Clerk
Ward Executive SecretaryStake Executive Secretary or Assistant Stake Clerk
Sunday School PresidencyStake Sunday School Presidency
Bishopric MemberStake Young Single Adult Representatives
Relief Society Presidency Member
Elders Quorum Presidency Member

Lesson responsibilities

Primary:Ward Primary Presidency and assigned teachers. Stake Primary Presidency will present a 5 minute message in Singing Time
Aaronic Priesthood:Stake Young Men's Presidency and Stake Presidency
Young Women:Stake Young Women's Presidency and Stake Presidency
Elder's Quorum:Assigned High Councilor
Relief SocietyStake Relief Society Presidency and Stake Presidency

Visits to Member Homes:

The Bishopric and Ward Council should prayerfully consider and identify members of the ward who might benefit from a ministry visit from their ward and stake leaders. It would be preferable to conduct the visits before or after Ward Conference. If circumstances warrant, the visits can be conducted at other times as needed. Ministry visits should be coordinated between the Stake and Ward Leader companionship who will be visiting the member with the Ward Leader responsible to make the appointments. The Stake Leader should follow up with the Ward Leader a couple of days before conference to confirm that the visits are scheduled. One or two families/individuals should be selected for each companionship to visit.

Ward LeaderStake Leader
BishopStake Presidency Member
Elders Quorum PresidentAssigned High Councilor
Relief Society PresidentStake Relief Society Presidency Member
Young Women's PresidentStake Young Women's Presidency Member
Young Men's PresidentStake Young Men's Presidency Member
Young Single Adult LeaderStake YSA Leaders
Primary PresidentStake Primary Presidency Member