How to activate temple recommends

Temple recommends can be activated from the website. The following steps should be followed to activate a new recommend. (Note that “new” applies to a first-time recommend as well as a renewed recommend. There is no distinction between those two for the activation steps.)

  1. Log into with your username/password combination.
  2. From the Account menu in the top right of the screen, select Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR).
  3. From the LCR menu, select Membership and then Issue New Recommend.
  4. Enter the required information into the form as shown below. Click Save when done.

Here are few tips when entering information:

  • When you start typing the name, a list of possible matches will appear. You can then click the individual you want. You don’t have to type the entire name.
  • Select the year and month written on the recommend (not the date of entry)
  • Type in the number under the barcode. If you are using the clerk computer, slide the barcode under the scanner and it will automatically populate this field for you.
  • If you need to check a membership record number, use the box in the top right to search for a member. Start typing the name and a list will appear. Right-click the desired name and open in a new tab or window. This can be useful to compare membership numbers for husbands and wives if they are incorrect.

5. After you click Save, you will get a green notice that the recommend has been saved, or you will get red errors. If you get a green notice of success, you can shred the yellow copy of the recommend. If you get a red error, resolve the error or contact the Stake Clerk.